Kam Kráčí Telekomunikační Sítě 2021, Olomouc

Written by Matej Pavelka

I studied at the Faculty of Mathematics and Physics and hold a doctorate in quantum chemistry. I am a physicist at heart. I love sophisticated things, I love data, and I have great respect for all network professionals and security experts. You don't even know how much I enjoy developing tools with the whole team for you.

Written 8. November 2021

Czech Republic, Olomouc, 2021 November

The Kam kráčí telekomunikační sítě (KKTS) conference is the most influential event for internet providers in the Czech Republic. The conference focuses on technological innovations, advancements in network construction, and telecommunications legislation.
photo from presentation FLOWCUTTER, Lukáš a Matej

FLOWCUTTER presentation:

Netflow analysis – tool “to your image”

Matěj and Lukáš alternated roles of an ISP and its technology supplier in the presentation in the form of questions and answers. Through their discussion, they concluded that the tool for netflow analysis must be fast and flexible. It is not clear in advance where the problem will arise. And when the support line is overwhelmed, it is necessary to know the answer to an ad-hoc query over Netflow data immediately.

Recording of the presentation – Netflow Analysis – tool “to your image”

recording of the presentation Lukáše a Mateje na youtube.com

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tool “to your image”

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