ISP Futuretec 2022

Written by Matej Pavelka

I studied at the Faculty of Mathematics and Physics and hold a doctorate in quantum chemistry. I am a physicist at heart. I love sophisticated things, I love data, and I have great respect for all network professionals and security experts. You don't even know how much I enjoy developing tools with the whole team for you.

Written 17. June 2022

Czech Republic, Krasov, 2022 June

ISP Futuretec is a conference that thoroughly covers an overview of technological innovations, developments and advancements in the construction of data networks and related legislation. In addition to the conference section, the event is divided into thematic workshops where technologies are not only presented, but are also worked with in a hands-on manner.

photo of Lukaš, FLOWCUTTER
FLOWCUTTER participated as a partner. We demonstrated a prototype alerting system for exceeding the threshold for SSH/Telnet traffic. At the same time, we received valuable feedback from providers and telecommunications technicians.

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