28th INET Meeting

Written by Juraj Valuch

I studied architecture. Anyone who knows me knows that I am very curious. I am an artist and technology enthusiast at heart. In FLOWCUTTER, I discovered a completely new dimension of "what connection and data mean." I have been involved in the field of elementary art education for a long time. I have respect for anyone who is not afraid to take a few steps back.

Written 18. October 2022

Poland, Kasprowym Zakopane, 2022 October

The Inet Meeting conference is a highly important event for internet providers in Poland. It primarily focuses on technological advancements and innovations in network infrastructure development.

Photographs from the FLOWCUTTER booth at the conference.

FLOWCUTTER participated as a partner, and our CEO, Matěj Pavelka, gave a presentation on the topic: ‘Traffic Analysis Tool by FLOWCUTTER

During the presentation, Matěj illustrated the tremendous journey that information exchange has undergone in our world. He shared experiences from several deployment examples in the Czech Republic, both in data centers and for ISPs.

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