Minor update 2022.Q4.03

Written by Matej Pavelka

I studied at the Faculty of Mathematics and Physics and hold a doctorate in quantum chemistry. I am a physicist at heart. I love sophisticated things, I love data, and I have great respect for all network professionals and security experts. You don't even know how much I enjoy developing tools with the whole team for you.

Written 25. January 2023

Minor update 2022.Q4.03 contains:

  • Improved mobile display
  • Basic support for IPv6 addresses
  • Fixed sensor ID (sensor = source of netflow data)
  • Users can now configure up to 128 sensors
  • Support for sampling rate (not only for sflow)
  • Enhanced internal logging
  • Internal configuration of buffers and memory allocation


If you have any questions, please call your partner Leslie NSC

You can look forward to the upcoming updates, which will include:

  • We will enhance Grafana dashboards with comparisons to the previous period to make it easier to see changes in network behavior.

  • We will open up the Rest API, allowing you to pull any query on netflow data into your systems, which was previously only available in Grafana.

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